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With the rapid pace ot our daily llfestyle, we are otten being trapped in the vicious cycle of the rat race. The beauty industry has seen a major transformation. We see the emergence of spas, massage, wellness centres and health enhancement products. Such products and services are becoming more popular and as an acceptable norm for a healthy lifestyle. Over the last 32 years of our establishment, we have re-invented, re-trained and renewed. This is important in keeping pace with the beauty treatment and technology. In fact, we are one of the pioneers in the beauty industry to introduce lntense Pulse Light (l2PL) of medical grade machine (used by clinical dermatologists). Now. to move ahead of our competitors. we are introducing new treatments for a complete beauty lifestyle. With our aromatic scalp treatment and ear candling detox treatment, you will once again be in touch with your inner beauty and that is only possible at Lynn Aesthetic.

Our Philosophy

Add to your aesthetic appeal, with Lynn Aesthetic. imagine stepping off a busy street. escaping the worries and cares of everyday life. First the delightful aroma of natural herbal essential oil greets you. You start to relax. Then the soothing sounds of specially selected music waft to your ears. Next you are ushered politely to the comfort of your own private room. Here your skilled personal therapist provides the services of your choice. pampering you and enabling you to relax even more. Little by little you feel your sense of tranquility return. You are once again in touch with your inner beauty and inner peace. That is beautiful and that is aesthetic.


● Imagine the design with the soothing and delightful color in harmony with the nature.
● Tranquility-where ambience is tastefully captured. where the air is filled with natural herbal essential oil.
● A place where you are “disengaged” from the real world. accompanied with the mood of the soothing music which is
   ear pleasing , we bring you to a state of inner peace and calmness.
● Individual rooms are specially designed providing you with comfort and privacy.
● With the caring touch and soothing ambienoe. our therapist will guide you to a path of beauty and relaxation.
● Our well-trained therapists with their skilled hands, pampered you and help you melt away your stress. unwind and reveal your true physical and inner beauty.


To provide the highest quality services. Customer satisfication is our priority because you're special.