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Ovary Maintanance

The ovary is an important female reproductive organ that is the key to female charm and delaying ageing. lt plays an important role in the production of female hormones in the body. This helps in determining the health and beauty of a woman.
The ovary secretes estrogen, the main determiner of the physiological characteristics of a woman. With age, the reproductive organ gradually declines, affecting the tone, firmness and elasticity of skin. Skin thus becomes duller and more lackluster. Ageing becomes imminent at the outset of menopause. Our ovary maintenance program is thus designed to arrest the decline in estrogen secretion. Our trained therapist uses essential oils with active ingredients to penetrate and stimulate the ovaries, coupled with our customized massage techniques that will stimulate the active reflex accupoints to revitalize and enhance blood circulation of the ovaries. This ovary maintenance is suitable for women of all ages.

It is also a good maintenance for ensuring healthy pregnancy and regulates irregular menstrual cycles and period pains. it is good to start the ovary maintenance  young to ensure good metabolism and body circulation as age sets in. This is especially true as we enter middle age where our female hormones reproduction started to slow down. The breasts start to lose their elasticity. Our ovary maintenance is also a very good method for preventing irregular menstruation periods as well as for the tightening of lower abdomen and muscles.