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Female Hormon Booster Cream


- Boost energy level
- Improves vitality
- Alleviates mood swings
- Relieves discomforts associated with menopausal symptoms
- Relieves discomforts associated with PMS
- Reduces water retention
- Hydrates skin and improves skin elasticity
- Improves overall well-being


Herbal Extract

Female Hormone Booster Cream uses only natural plant extract that help the body to regulate its physiological processes. No animal substances or synthetic  hormones are used in the formulation of Female Hormone Booster Cream. It is non-oily and does not leave a residue on the skin. it's easily and quickly absorbed by the skin and into the bloodstream. It is suitable for DIY usage as well.

Chasteberry (Vitex) is a plant found in the Mediterranean region. Its preparations are used to help treat irregularities of the menstrual cycles, premenstrual complaints and mastodynia (breast pain).

Dioscorea (wild Yam) roots is used as a precursor for manufacturing progesterone and estrogen. it is used for help ease dysmenorrhea and cramps.

Fenugreek acts as an emollient (softens and soothes the skin) and reduces blood sugar. It is commonly used in Chinese medical to treat cold pain in the lower abdomen, impotence, and hernia (said to be due to cold "Chi")

Grape Seed Extract is a powerful anti-oxidant, the anti-oxidant activity provides a strong rationale for using it in the therapeutic management of microvascular  disorders. It may also support collagen stabilization.

Geranium Oil keeps the skin supple and opens it's pores to allow better absorption. its properties for balancing the mind and emotions helps relief anxiety, stress & etc.

Aloe Vera has 200 biologically active nutritional components that support the body's ability to cleanse, detoxify and rejuvenate cell tissues.

Extracted from ‘PDR [or Herbal Medicines‘ 3rd Edition


Recommended use:

Apply twice a day, day time and night time on targeted areas. Effects of Female Hormone Booster Cream are enhanced tremendously when used with Meridian Massage Therapy.