Does Your Skin Look Tired And Dull All The Time? 3 Facials That Can Help Add Glowing Dewiness Right Back

Does Your Skin Look Tired And Dull All The Time

Considering the hectic lifestyle we lead and the constant exposure to environmental pollutants, it is no wonder that most of us suffer from tired and dull skin. Of course, other factors contribute to the lacklustre appearance of our skin as well, such as dehydration, a non-effective skincare routine, and an unhealthy diet. The thing about tired skin is that it emphasises the signs of ageing on our face, be it wrinkles, fine lines, or age spots, resulting in an uneven skin texture.

Before you start to panic, do know that we are here to help.  In this article we will be looking at 3 specialised facials that can help you in getting back that healthy glow that everyone wishes to achieve. A luminous skin will never go out of style as it is a good indicator of youthful skin and shows that the skin is plump and well-hydrated.

If you find that you have lost your glow, you can come on down to Lynn Aesthetic’s facial spa salon. These three facial treatments are specially designed to correct dull complexions, which could be just what the doctor ordered.

1. Diamond Oxygenating and Whitening Facial

Our Diamond Oxygenating and Whitening Facial not only brightens your skin but also boosts your skin’s hydration and detoxifies the skin of sebum, dirt, and debris. Using the latest technological tools, we penetrate hyaluronic acid, oxygen, and a host of powerful nutrients into the deepest layers of your skin (up to 80% penetration rate) – giving you a glow instantaneously. Other benefits you can seek to gain while undergoing this facial treatment include a boost in collagen production and soothing acne

Our Diamond Oxygenating and Whitening Facial is carried out in six steps:

  •       Cleansing and Exfoliating
  •       Pressurised Oxygen Treatment
  •       Whitening Laser Treatment
  •       Oxygenating Sebum Treatment
  •       Oxygen Brightening Facial Mask
  •       Facial Massage

Read more about these treatments and their steps in detail here!

2. Amethyst Anti-Ageing Facial

As mentioned above, signs of ageing can drastically change the overall appearance of your skin. This applies especially to older women since our facial cells gradually weaken as we age, highlighting skin damage.

Our Amethyst Anti-Ageing Facial is specifically created to regain the skin’s youthful radiance by reducing wrinkles and slowing down the aging process. This is made possible by the ingredients used in this facial: marine polypeptide oligopeptide, pure hyaluronic acid, retinol, and retinoids. The former two ingredients draw moisture into the skin, strengthening the skin’s natural lipid barrier, whereas the latter two increase elastin production and turnover of skin cells. This anti-wrinkle treatment also exfoliates the skin using enzyme-based exfoliation massages.

Read more here for a detailed description of our Amethyst Anti-Ageing Facial and the steps involved.

3. Quartz or Pigmentation Removal Facial 

If blemishes, dark spots, and pigmentation are what you are currently experiencing, our Quartz or Pigmentation Removal Facial is a suitable facial treatment.

By applying Photon Light Therapy, which is a revolutionary non-invasive treatment that enhances the healing power of your skin cells, our specialists work to remove your skin issues right down from the cellular level. The light therapy tools allow us to stimulate your skin’s photoreceptors, increasing the production of collagen and elastin – two essential components that prevent the skin from sagging and losing its strength.

At Lynn Aesthetic, our essential oils are specially formulated to soothe and detox your skin, while the massage helps to contour and firm your face, giving a lifted effect.


Even though skin ageing is natural and cannot be entirely reversed, you can still take the initiative to reduce their appearance or lower the risk of them occurring. Despite what many people may believe, you do not have to wait until your 40s or 50s to undergo anti-aging facial treatments. As long as your skin feels and looks fatigued, pampering yourself with a facial is a good idea.

For innovative anti-aging and skin brightening facials in Singapore, Lynn Aesthetic is the beauty salon you should go. Here, our well-experienced aestheticians and staff members are constantly kept up to date with the latest beauty trends and technologies through weekly upgrading sessions. We also make sure that the equipment we use is top-notch and can deliver the results we are looking for. 

You can book an appointment for either of these three facials by filing your contact information here, or calling 6230 7799 for our Kovan outlet, or 6908 2627 for our Tampines outlet.

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