Anti-Acne Facial

Anti-Acne Facial


A facial is a skincare treatment that involves cleansing, exfoliating, and nourishing the skin to promote a healthier, more radiant complexion. Facials can address various skincare concerns, from hydration and anti-aging to acne and relaxation. They are an excellent way to pamper yourself and maintain healthy skin.

The frequency of facials depends on your skincare goals and your skin type. As a general guideline, most people benefit from a facial every 2-3 weeks. However, your esthetician will assess your individual needs and recommend an appropriate schedule during your consultation.

It's advisable to come to your facial appointment with a clean face, free of makeup and other products. However, if you're unable to do so, we can provide makeup removal as part of the facial process.

We recommend avoiding makeup for a few hours after your facial to allow your skin to breathe and fully absorb the skincare products used during the treatment. Your esthetician will advise you on when it's safe to apply makeup.

Many clients experience immediate improvements in their skin's texture and appearance following a facial. However, the long-term benefits may require multiple sessions and consistent skincare maintenance.

Absolutely! Our estheticians are trained to address various skin concerns, including acne, dryness, sensitivity, and signs of aging. Please inform us of any specific concerns during your consultation so we can tailor the facial to your needs.

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