Revitalise Your Skin: The Benefits of E-Light Therapy


Your skin is the largest organ in your body and plays a crucial role in protecting you from the external environment. From regulating your body temperature and preventing dehydration to leaving a positive impression on everyone you meet, maintaining healthy glowing skin is important both for your well-being and for your self-esteem. 

Despite this, your skin is also exceptionally sensitive to a number of issues, from acne and pigmentation to fine lines, blemishes and wrinkles, there is a multitude of problems to guard against. This is especially true for the skin in your facial area. Being both thinner and more sensitive, people tend to experience the bulk of the skin problems on their faces. This leads to anxiety for many, with skincare routines and services being based on ensuring that we care for our faces and make sure that we look our best, whether for work or for those around us.

From skincare routines to surgical implements, there is no limit to what lengths we go to to ensure our skin health. In this article, we would like to touch on our recommendation of a non-invasive and effective treatment at Lynn Aesthetic, which we believe is one of the best face therapies in Singapore. We are, of course, talking about our E-light therapy treatment. Utilising a combination of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and RF(Radio Frequency), we are able to provide an effective and safe procedure that few facial spa salons in Singapore can provide.

Safe and comfortable

Our E-light treatment is designed to be a painless and safe procedure. By modulating the light pulses, light energy is evenly distributed throughout the pulse without any intensity peaks. This modulation technique helps to reduce the risk of skin damage and ensures that light energy is delivered in a controlled and gradual manner. It also helps to minimise discomfort during the treatment, as the skin is not exposed to sudden or intense bursts of light.

Suitable for all skin types

One of the main concerns with using IPL on dark skin is the risk of hyperpigmentation, which is a condition that causes the skin to become darker than its natural colour. This can occur because the light energy used in IPL is absorbed by the melanin pigment in the skin, which is more concentrated in people with darker skin tones. The absorbed energy can cause the skin to heat up, leading to inflammation and the development of hyperpigmentation. By utilising IPL in combination with RF, our e-light treatment is able to reduce the energy levels emitted and control the pulse durations. As such, E-light Therapy is effective no matter how much melanin there is in the area of treatment. That is to say that regardless of how light or dark your skin is, the energy emitted by the E-light technology will reach your skin’s deeper layers. This makes the treatment suitable for all types of skin. Moreover, side effects are nearly non-existent. If there is a slight redness that appears after the treatment, it is usually easily treatable.

Effective removal of wrinkles and acne

Acne and wrinkles are two of the most common skin concerns people have. Acne is often caused by clogged sebaceous glands that are responsible for keeping the skin moist by secreting oils. On the other hand, wrinkles and fine lines usually appear as a result of collagen loss. Luckily, E-light Therapy can effectively address both these skin issues. It improves acne scars by directly targeting sebaceous glands, and stimulates skin fibroblasts to produce more collagen and minimise wrinkles and fine lines.

Lightens pigmentation

Pigmentation is another skin problem that is common in both men and women. One of the most common causes of face pigmentation is the excess production of melanin, which is the pigment that provides colour to your skin. E-light Therapy can successfully eliminate or lighten pigmentation by having the IPL act on melanin. As such, the treatment can minimise skin blemishes even in sensitive areas, such as your hands or face.


Overall, E-light therapy is quickly gaining popularity as an effective and safe skin revitalising treatment due to the many different benefits that it brings. Besides effectively eliminating acne and wrinkles and reducing pigmentation, this wrinkle facial treatment in Singapore is absolutely safe, comfortable, and suitable for all types of skin. Hence, if you are looking for a painless, effective, and affordable way to rejuvenate your skin, E-light Therapy is one of your best options!

As one of the leading body and facial spa salons in Singapore, Lynn Aesthetic is always seeking to upgrade our skills and knowledge in the field of beauty and wellness. This is why all our treatments are carried out with state-of-the-art equipment. So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us to book an appointment today.

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