Prep For A Christmas Party With This Skincare Routine

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Only a few weeks remain in 2022, and as the work year winds down, the festivities ramp up. With Christmas and New Year’s coming up, the various parties and gatherings can be a source of both joy and frustration. If you’re one to join in on the festivities, the need to look your best for pictures and videos can be a challenge. 

To prepare yourself for the holiday merriments, it’s essential that your skin looks healthy and glowing, whether it be in pictures or in person. We have curated a list of tips for younger, fresher, camera-ready skin.

1. Cleanse your skin after a long day

In the hustle and bustle of the festive season, whether you are out Christmas shopping or visiting your 5th Christmas party, it is always helpful and sometimes even necessary to have a good cleanser on hand to keep your skin clean and refreshed at the end of the day. This is especially true if you plan on keeping your makeup up throughout. The right cleanser helps achieve a deeper clean, purging your skin of all the dirt, makeup and impurities that pile up over the course of the day. This keeps your skin healthy and radiant, deterring breakouts and keeping your skin young and supple.

Our top pick for this holiday season is our Morning Cleanser which uses a new formulation that cleanses while restoring the suppleness of the skin. It breaks down Makeup sebum and cellular debris without being overly harsh or dehydrating the skin.

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2. Apply Toner

After cleansing your skin, the next step would be to rehydrate your skin, keeping it supple and fresh. For this, a toner is the ideal next step to hydrating and removing any remaining impurities that may remain after cleansing. The toner step is an important one as it restores and refreshes your skin without stripping your skin of its natural oils. It also serves to soothe and calm your skin, reducing any redness you might have from the toils of your long day. We recommend looking for a toner with a neutral pH of 7 to get a smoother and more vibrant appearance.

For this festive season, we recommend our Calendula Toner. Formulated from the Calendula flower, our calendula toner is alcohol-free and provides antioxidant protection, resulting in radiant and dewy-fresh skin that is soft to the touch. Its suitability for all skin types makes it an easy recommendation this Christmas season.

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3. Boosting Skin Treatment

Now that your skin has been cleansed and hydrated, we can talk about adding some extra sparkle to your skin. Formulated with powerhouse ingredients, serums serve to nourish and enhance your skin. The highly concentrated mixture helps refine your pores, smoothing the surface of your skin, and reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines with the added benefit of further aiding your skin in absorbing and retaining moisture. This helps to reduce signs of fatigue, restoring radiance to your skin and making sure that you can achieve that flawless complexion for that Christmas party you are looking forward to. 

For that extra sparkle in your skin this festive season, we recommend our Hydrating Serum. Infused with oligopeptide, ceramides and collagen, this serum promotes cell regeneration and helps to make sure that your skin stays nice and hydrated after a long day of errands and gatherings.

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4. Eye care 

The eyes are the windows to the soul, and they are the first things we notice when we meet someone. From dark circles to puffy eyes, these problems can build up quickly, whether from the long nights at work or the errands you run to keep your festivities going. As the area around the eyes ages faster than the rest of your face, we recommend including eye creams and serums in your skincare routine this festive season. By keeping the skin around your eyes hydrated and free from wrinkles and fine lines, you can be confident in meeting friends and even strangers this holiday season.

In addition to our recommendation of Hydrating Serum earlier, we also recommend using an Eye Bag Serum to ensure that your eyes are properly cared for. Combined with our Total Eye Lift, you can target the eye area, reducing dark circles, eye bags, and puffy eyes.

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5. Neck care

Another body part to pay attention to is the neck. While most skincare routines focus on the face, not paying attention to the neck can lead to a striking contrast in your appearance. Neck creams have ingredients that focus on increasing collagen production and improving healthy cell renewal. Formulated with peptides, these creams can help to provide the skin with the building blocks of a youthful appearance. 

This holiday season, we recommend using our Peptide V Neck Cream, which firms and lifts sagging skin. Keeping your neck looking youthful and lifted. 

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6. Moisturise

Moisturisers are an irreplaceable part of a good skincare routine. Not only does it lock moisture into the skin, but moisturisers nowadays are also formulated to include different ingredients to target the concerns of different skin types. Cream-based moisturisers are richer in texture, making them more suited for dry and mature skin. Gel-based moisturisers are instead lightweight, non-greasy and perfect for those with acne-prone, oily skin. Regardless of the type, these moisturisers slow down the skin’s ageing process, fighting a wide range of skin concerns. This is an essential step to helping your skin look and feel its best this holiday season. 

For this festive season, we recommend our Sensitive Night Repair Cream. This formulation penetrates deep into the epidermis, helping your skin achieve that dewy look that is just perfect for social media.

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7. Sun Protection 

As you run around handling your errands and visits this festive season, it is important that sunscreen is not neglected. In sunny Singapore, we do not have the benefit of enjoying the winter seasons. As such, we need to ensure that we protect our skin from harmful UV rays to lower the risk of skin cancer and prevent premature aging. Whether you are attending a Christmas party in the evening or indoors, sunscreen remains indispensable in ensuring well-protected skin.

This Christmas season, we recommend our Laser Sunblock SPF 60 PA++. Aside from protecting your skin from the sun, our sunblock hydrates it, keeping it moisturised and prepped for the sun. As a bonus tip, we also recommend our Blue Light Care Spray, which serves to protect you from blue light exposure from mobile devices and computers.

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If you have tired and dull-looking skin, taking care of your skin is important not only for the party season but all year round. You want to ensure you’ll always have beautiful, supple, and young-looking skin no matter the time of year, and one of the ways to achieve that is by having a skin-brightening facial in Singapore.

As one of the leading body and facial spa salons in Singapore, Lynn Aesthetic is always seeking to upgrade our skills and knowledge in the field of beauty and wellness. This is why all our treatments are carried out with state-of-the-art equipment. So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us to book an appointment today.

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